Frame & Sequence Podcast

ep. 21 Renato D’Agostin

April 18, 2020

Renato D’Agostin is a photographer based on the the outskirts of Venice, Italy.

I have admired Renato’s work for a very long time and I had the pleasure of meeting up with him last January at his beautiful warehouse studio and darkroom.   

The first time I saw Renato’s work, it completely changed my perception and expectations of what photography could be and could do. 

Dislocating subjects from their realities, he depicts his perception of the space around him, the relationship between the architecture and people, opening a new portal in the spectator’s imagination.

His works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Europe, the United States and Asia and published in numerous books.

Renato shoots mainly black and white film and we talk about his photography and his approach to his work and the importance of the darkroom as an extension of his process.  

We talk about his time living in New York City and assisting photographer Ralph Gibson and what drew him back to Venice.  We also discuss his approach to exhibiting his work and why he loves making books.  And we delve into how he thinks about projects and much, much more.  

Renato is one of the most inspiring artists I have ever met and he shares so many gems in this episode.  I hope you enjoy!

Find Renato on his Instagram @renatodagostin

and his website

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