Frame & Sequence Podcast
ep. 9 Will Weston

ep. 9 Will Weston

April 30, 2019

Will Weston is an Associate Professor at Art Center College of Design where he teaches in the Entertainment Arts and Entertainment Design Departments.

He has an MFA in fine art and worked as an advertising illustrator before moving into animation. He’s worked in animation for Disney, Nickelodeon and Sony. He’s also taught at Dreamwork’s TV and Feature Animation and lectured in their lunchtime lecture program.

Will has a incredibly unique way of breaking down the complexity of drawing and his Instagram feed is a gold mine of information. He can be found @willwestonstudio  

In this episode he shares some great insights, advice, and a few assignments that he gives his Art Center students that are relevant for anyone in the visual arts. 

Find Will on Instagram @willwestonstudio

ep. 8 David Coggins

ep. 8 David Coggins

April 11, 2019

David Coggins is a NYC based writer, probably best known for his NY Times Best seller, Men and Style and his second book, Men and Manners. David has written about tailoring, travel, fly fishing, design and drinking for numerous publications, including Esquire, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Conde Naste Traveler, The Robb Report and many many others.

In this episode we chat about his background in art.  His early days writing about art.  How he moved into   writing about travel, menswear, and fishing, among other things.  And he shares some great writing advice, travel tips, and other great gems!

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Men and Manners on Amazon



ep. 7 Paris Chong

ep. 7 Paris Chong

March 29, 2019

Paris Chong is the Gallery Manager and Curator at Leica Gallery Los Angeles. 

Paris has over seventeen years of experience in curating, managing, and promoting fine art galleries and artists of every genre.

She represented Leica Gallery Los Angeles at Art Basel Miami and Photo Paris, and the upcoming Palm Springs Photo festival. 

Paris coordinates and curates all events and art shows at the flagship Leica Gallery in West Hollywood.  She has curated exhibitions for artists such as:  Lenny Kravitz, Ralph Gibson, Neal Preston, Eli Reed and many others.

Paris also curates exhibitions for the historic American Society of Cinematographers Clubhouse (ASC) in Hollywood featuring still photographs by the world’s top Directors of Photography.

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Leica Gallery Los Angeles

ep. 6 John Cullen

ep. 6 John Cullen

March 22, 2019
John Cullen is a Canadian photographer currently based in Los Angeles.
With a strong emphasis on storytelling, his editorial assignments have taken him all over the globe covering a wide range of travel, food, and people.  
He is also a documentary and commercial director and moving into the TV landscape, with a few documentary style series in development..
In this episode we chat about his start in photography and the magic of that first roll of film. He discusses how he got into the editorial world and then transitioned into directing docs and commercials. And he shares a few really great travel stories along the way, and much, much more.
ep. 5 Karl Gnass

ep. 5 Karl Gnass

March 13, 2019

Karl Gnass is a master draftsman with an expert understanding of the dynamics of human form. His grasp of movement, anatomy, and energy has made him an in demand advisor to an animation industry eager to infuse more authenticity into its character and creature designs.

He most recently consulted for Disney’s Moana, and has a standing weekly figure drawing class at Disney Feature Animation, as well as having taught at other studios such as Dreamworks and Sony Image Works.

Karl has lectured and exhibited his work internationally in Florence, Dublin, Copenhagen, and Los Angeles.

Find Karl on Instagram  @karlgnass

And on his websites:
ep. 4 Matthias Königswieser

ep. 4 Matthias Königswieser

March 6, 2019

Matthias Königswieser is a cinematographer and photographer, originally from Vienna, but currently based in Los Angeles.  He has lensed music videos, commercials, and is probably best known for his feature film work, most recently Disney’s Christopher Robin.

He has also exhibited his photography in numerous exhibitions around the world, in Paris, Vienna, and Los Angeles.  

In this chat we talk about how growing up in Austria influenced his aesthetics, his approach to his personal photography, how he thinks when approaching bigger films, his love of documentary filmmaking, his take on film and digital, and much much more.    

Find Matthias on Instagram @koenigswieser

And on his website:

And some other podcasts and articles where Matthias goes more into specifics about his background and specific projects.

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ep. 3 Jonathan Daniel Pryce, aka Garcon Jon

ep. 3 Jonathan Daniel Pryce, aka Garcon Jon

February 23, 2019

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, also known as Garcon Jon, is an international award winning photographer.

Born in Scotland, but based in London, he is probably best known for his unique fashion street style photography, shooting for such clients as Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Mr Porter, and many others.  

In this episode we chat about his start in photography, his early blogging days and how he got into street style photography. We also chat about his approach to his work to keep it fresh and unique, as well as our mutual love of Florence and all things Italian style and much more.

Find Jonathan on Instagram @garconjon

and his website

ep. 2 Alex Beard

ep. 2 Alex Beard

February 17, 2019

Alex Beard is a painter, author, filmmaker, and conservationist.  

He is probably best known for his elaborate wildlife compositions created in his signature style of gestural painting, which he has coined “Abstract Naturalism.”

Alex has spent much of his life traveling to some of the world’s most remote wildlife outposts, observing and painting, continually honing his style while exploring themes of the cultural and environmental interconnectivity of all things.

He is also a passionate conservationist and philanthropist.  In 2012 Alex established The Watering Hole Foundation – a public charity engaged in saving endangered wildlife and preserving their environments.  

In this episode we talk about his early start as an artist, what it means to be an engaged artist in the world today, his artist practice, the correlation between his art and conservation, his children's book series, Tales From the Wateringhole, and he shares a few great stories from when he was a boy visiting his uncle Peter in Kenya.

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ep. 1 Alex Hillkurtz

ep. 1 Alex Hillkurtz

January 29, 2019

Alex Hillkurtz is a Paris based storyboard artist, watercolorist, and director. In this episode we chat about how he got his start in Hollywood, storyboarding for such directors as Angelina Jolie, Cameron Crowe, Nacey Meyers, Ben Affleck, and many more.  We also chat about his experience living in Paris as an artist. How he approaches storyboarding, as well as his watercolor paintings and moving into the fine art world.  He also shares some gems about keeping a sketchbook and drawing while traveling.  Find Alex on Instagram @hillkurtz