Frame & Sequence Podcast

ep. 20 Oddur Thorisson

April 10, 2020

Oddur Thorisson is a Torino based photographer, writer, art director, gourmet, and a lover of champagne, dogs, and especially his wife Mimi.

I've admired Oddur's work for a long time and had the pleasure of sitting down with him over lunch and champagne in Torino last January. We talked about all things photography and how he approaches his work.  We talk about how he collaborates with his wife Mimi on her cookbooks and blog.  How he approaches teaching photography.  He also shares some thoughts on leading an aesthetic life, writing, some Champagne recommendations, and of course his love of wine, food, and much, much more.  

This episode is best served with a glass of a champagne or your favorite cocktail.  Enjoy!

Find Oddur on Instagram @oddthor

And for workshops and Oddur’s occasional posts on his wife Mimi’s blog

And the post mentioned in the episode

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